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Machine Epilation Laser Professional

Machine Epilation Laser Professional
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The Omnimax S3 Machine Epilation Laser Professional

When choosing a Machine Epilation Laser Professional for epilation, it is crucial to pick one with fast and effective hair removal. The first session is the most important because repeated epilation will eliminate most hair. The laser focuses on the bulb of the poil. The first session damages the poil bulb with intense heat. Afterwards, the hair growth ceases completely as repeated Machine Epilation Laser Professional will remove the majority of the hair. To ensure that you get a smooth, beautiful shave, the machine has multiple speed settings.

Omnimax S3

Machine Epilation Laser Professional

Machine Epilation Laser Professional

The Omnimax S3 machine epilation laser professional provides a safe, fast and painless treatment. It combines four advanced aesthetic technologies, including Dynamic Pulse Control (DPC), RF and VermaDerm. It offers unparalleled treatment flexibility, combining different pulse configurations to create a wide range of skin and hair treatments. The intuitive user interface allows for ease of use, while the pre-programmed settings make it easy to use.

The OmniMax S3 uses a patented laser technology called Rapid DPC. This machine targets the hair root rather than the hair follicle itself. This technology has proven safe and effective for hair removal. OmniMax S3 machines also offer a variety of aesthetic benefits, including tattoo removal and skin rejuvenation. Aside from hair removal, this machine can be used for body contouring, skin rejuvenation, and treatment of pigmented lesions.

The Soprano Titanium uses an advanced user interface to adjust the parameters for each skin type. The device’s touchscreen is easy to operate, and its adjustable treatment grid size and body part presets allow for individualized settings. The machine is connected to the Internet of Things (IoT), making it easy to monitor usage rates and log patient treatment progress. Once a client has undergone the treatment, Omnimax S3 machine epilation laser professionnel


The MeDioStar is the gold standard in epilation, featuring an advanced cooling system for maximum comfort and safety. Its dual wavelengths, Dynamic Mode, and variable pulse length provide a highly effective treatment for a wide variety of skin types and tans. The machine is easy to operate and comes with ergonomic wheels for easy transport and storage. Users can order hygienic single-use caps for their treatment instruments, which is another benefit of the MeDioStar.

The MeDioStar Next features German-engineered high-power diode technology for fast, painless hair removal. The new device also provides vascular leg vein options. The machine’s versatility makes it a great choice for any professional looking to enhance their aesthetic services. Its newest technology features a gliding process rather than compression, ensuring a comfortable and safe treatment for clients. Its integrated high-power peltier skin cooling function means skin remains cool throughout treatment.

The MeDioStar NeXT PRO handpiece uses 2,400 W of power and features a unique combination of wavelengths. This technology enables short pulses to achieve maximum results. The machine also cools the area to be treated before delivering the pulses. And with its patented cooling technology, patients can expect their treatment to last for up to three times longer than a traditional laser. The result is a beautiful, smooth skin.

MeDioStar Fast Hair Removal Mode Technology

Machine Epilation Laser Professional

Machine Epilation Laser Professional

The MeDioStar Fast Hair Removal Mode technology offers safe and effective treatment for all skin types. The device’s 10.1-inch LCD screen offers a user-friendly interface and allows users to choose from a variety of settings and treatments. Beginners can simply select the type of treatment they wish to perform and the device will automatically set the appropriate parameters for optimal results. More experienced users can manually configure the machine’s parameters. The device also features individually-configurable online counters that show treatment time and pulse rate in real time. This feature guarantees the user optimum control and accuracy.

The MeDioStar Fast Hair Removal Mode technology works by utilizing large spot sizes to target the deepest hair follicles. The laser light is absorbed by the melanin pigments in the skin and changes into heat. This heat damages the cells that encourage hair regrowth. With the MeDioStar Fast Hair Removal Mode Technology, removing unwanted hair has never been easier!

The MeDioStar High Power Diode Lasers are the state of the art technology for permanent hair reduction. This technology uses wavelengths that target hair follicles with high concentrations of melanin. This allows for targeted treatments with minimal side effects. The MeDioStar Fast Hair Removal Mode Technology can be used on dark skin to remove unwanted hair. If you are considering a MeDioStar Fast Hair Removal Mode, this machine will meet your needs.


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