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What Is a Cookie (“Cookie”)?
Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer by your web browser in response to a request from a website you are viewing. This allows the website you are viewing to remember you, e.g. B. Your settings and history, or sign in.

Cookies can be stored on your computer for a short time (e.g. when you only have your browser open) or for a long time, even years. Cookies that are not set by this website are not accessible to us.

Our Use Of Cookies
We use cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our forum and more:

To record and maintain your preferences. This way you can stay logged in and keep the website in the language or view you want.
Analytically. This allows us to recognize and improve how people use the website.
Advertising cookies (possibly third-party). When this website displays ads, cookies may be set by advertisers to identify who is viewing an ad or similar. These cookies can be set by third parties, in which case this site has no way of reading or writing these cookies.
Other third-party cookies for things like Facebook or Twitter sharing. These cookies are usually set independently by third parties, so this website cannot access them.
The Standard Cookies We Set
These are the most important cookies that we set for the normal and stable operation of our forum.

It stores a unique token that is used to verify that the actions you take on the website are intended to be taken by you.
It saves the current ID of your session.
It stores a private key for you. This allows us to keep your current session, so you don’t log out while browsing the forum.
Additional Cookies And Those Set By Third Parties
Additional cookies may be set while using the website to store information and/or certain preferences while performing certain actions.

Other cookies may be set by third parties who may provide information such as B. anonymously tracking which users visit the website or stopping some pages with embedded content, such as B. YouTube or other media service providers.

Remove/Disable Cookies
You can manage cookies and cookie settings via your internet browser settings.

Documentation on managing cookies in common internet browsers:

Managing cookies in Microsoft Edge
Managing cookies in Microsoft Internet Explorer
Managing cookies in Google Chrome
Managing cookies in Mozilla Firefox
Managing cookies in Safari for macOS
Managing cookies in Safari for iOS
More About Cookies
To learn more about cookies and how to block certain types of cookies, please visit ICO’s cookies page.

Click here for detailed information about the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).