Laser Epilation Enceinte

Laser Epilation Enceinte
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Laser Epilation Ambulante

Laser Epilation Enceinte

Laser Epilation Enceinte

Despite its many advantages, Laser Epilation Enceinte can also pose a few pitfalls. While the procedure is safe, the procedure can cause some problems for both the mother and the baby. It may leave skin redness and even cause cicatriser or coagulation troubles.

It causes skin damage

Laser Epilation Enceinte During pregnancy, a woman’s body will undergo many changes. During this time, skin conditions may become worse. In addition, a woman’s skin will undergo pigmentation changes.

Dark spots and pigmentation will appear, and if a person has light skin, she may notice a whitening of her face and other areas. These pigmentation changes are temporary and will fade over time.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists advises women to maintain regular conversations with their obstetrician during this time. The doctor can help you determine when your skin is ready for Laser Epilation Enceinte hair removal treatments.

During this time, it is important to also avoid using depilatories. They are not proven safe during pregnancy, and can cause a number of complications. Some ingredients in depilatories, such as calcium thioglycolate, can travel through the bloodstream and into the breast milk, which can pose a risk to the unborn baby.

Laser Epilation Enceinte

Laser Epilation Enceinte

It can stimulate melanocytaire

During the process of differentiation, keratinocytes are transported to the surface of the skin. Melanosomes, larger organelles of the melanocyte, migrate from the melanocyte to the keratinocyte and are involved in the biosynthesis of melanin. The melanocytes themselves are pigmented.

These melanosomes are also found in follicular matrix cells and hair shafts. In addition, melanosomes have a higher density in follicular matrix cells and hair follicles than in the epidermis.

Some Laser Epilation Enceinte used for hair removal target melanin as a chromophore. This can increase pigmentation levels in the skin. However, it is not always true that hyperpigmentation is caused by lasers. It is more likely that the increased melanin is due to traumatisme of the skin. This can be due to the use of inappropriate skin care products or excessive melanocytaire activity.


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