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Rasoir Before Laser Hair Removal

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You’ve probably heard that you should ‘Rasoir Before Laser Hair Removal‘ the area to be treated before undergoing laser hair removal. This is true, to some degree. However, there are also some caveats that you should be aware of. First of all, rasoir before undergoing laser hair removal doesn’t allow the laser to reach the bulbe properly. This is why Xylocaine can be used to ‘raser’ the affected area.

Xylocaine est efficace pour raser la zone concernee avant une seance d’epilation laser

Patients should not take sunless skin creams, electrolysis, or other methods that disturb the hair follicle before an epilation laser session. Xylocaine is a strong anesthetic that is effective for the zone that is affected before the laser treatment. Also, patients should not take blood-thinning medications, such as warfarin.

Rasoir Before Laser Hair Removal

Rasoir Before Laser Hair Removal

Le rasoir avant l’epilation laser ne permet pas au laser d’atteindre le bulbe

When undergoing an epilation laser procedure, the skin around the bulb must be shaved. Depending on the location, a single session can take up to twenty minutes to complete. The laser’s energy can target up to ninety percent of pilosite. The amount of pilosite removed in one session is usually equivalent to eight to ten weeks’ worth of hair growth. However, some people choose to undergo laser hair removal only on the first phase of their condition, which is usually dark brown or bronzed.

Another technique for epilation is the use of pulsed light, or lumieres pulsees. These are much less expensive than lasers, and are often used by new practitioners who are not experienced enough to safely perform this procedure. However, the laser’s intensity is very similar to that of a pulsed light, which is why you need to use a high-quality machine from a reputable clinic.

In the case of men, it can be more challenging to treat the dos because it is more coriace and creux than that of women. The Laser Hair Removal process is best performed by a physician. A physician must oversee the procedure and use a specific wavelength to avoid touching adjacent skin. By targeting melanine and pigmentation, laser hair removal reduces the risk of brulure, which can be very painful.

Rasoir Before Laser Hair Removal

Rasoir Before Laser Hair Removal

Le rasoir avant une seance d’epilation laser manque de précision

The first thing to consider before having laser hair removal is the timing. If you rase hair the day before your session, you’ll minimize the chance of damage to the skin and hair. The hairs will also be calm and have time to repousse, preventing them from collecting dead skin cells. A day before, however, you should rase hair the day before, for two reasons: to protect them from the heat and to allow the skin to repousse them.

Next, consider the safety of your skin. The laser cannot tell which hairs are in growth phase, so it will miss a part of your hair. A session with the laser will detruit about 15% of the hair. Because the laser can’t be precise, multiple sessions will be necessary. Eventually, the laser will detruit all hair in your body.

In addition, before your laser hair removal session, you should make sure you have clean, dry skin. If you aren’t sure how to prepare your skin, you should take some tips from your dermatologist. You should avoid touching areas with a duvet. Also, you should use a small pair of pointus scissors, preferably one with a straight blade. The shorter the rasher is, the lower the energy required for detruire that area. This will cut down on the number of sessions you’ll need.

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