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Epilation Laser Aisselle Prix

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You may wonder how much the Epilation Laser Aisselle Prix is. But the fact is, it depends on many factors. These include its cost, effectiveness and pain. Let’s find out! You will be glad you read this! 🙂 And, of course, a first consultation is free! The doctor will examine your skin and pilosite to pre-conize the number of sessions required for the treatment. After the first session, you’ll receive a diagnosis and a document with recommendations. Constant follow-up with the physician will save you money. You can minimize the cost by following the Epilium & Skin protocol.

Epilation laser aisselle price

The price of an epilation laser aisselle session depends on several factors. The cost of an aisselle may cost from sixty to eighty euros, while a demi-jambe can cost as little as 50 to one hundred euros. The price for a maillot may be considerably lower, as it only requires one session. Generally, women who have a large amount of facial hair opt for this procedure.

To get a clear idea of the cost of an epilation laser session, it is necessary to undergo the first consultation. This consultation is free and requires no commitment on your part. During the consultation, the doctor will examine your skin and pilosite and preconize the number of sessions required to achieve your desired result. A diagnostic document detailing the cost of the epilation laser procedure will be sent to you. The doctor will also give you instructions on how to minimize the cost of the procedure by following the protocol set forth by the Epilium & Skin Institute.

Epilation Laser Aisselle Prix

Epilation Laser Aisselle Prix


If you are looking for a permanent solution for your body hair, epilation au laser is the procedure for you. Patients who request this procedure usually have epais or floppy hair that they cannot remove with a razor. The procedure is available on the face and upper body. The procedure usually takes two to three sessions, and can remove hair in as little as two days. Costs vary based on the area and the number of sessions required.

The epilation laser removes 90 percent of all terminal hair. Your results will vary, depending on the area you choose and your age and hormones. You may need additional sessions if you have new facial hair that has not yet grown back. Your doctor will determine how many sessions you will need. At ReGeneva, you can get a high-quality treatment without breaking your budget. ReGeneva’s certified laser technicians adhere to strict protocols and monitor all parameters.


In order to understand the efficacy of epilation laser, one must know what it is for. This laser treatment is used to treat various pathologies involving abnormal hair growth. One of these is alopecia. This treatment is safe and effective, achieving a 75% reduction in pilosite after three sessions. It is also more effective than lampes flashes.

In Belgium, epilation is a legal procedure and doctors can perform it. Other European countries, however, restrict the use of epilation lasers to their profession. For this reason, it is important to choose a reputable laser center with a medical license and the necessary equipment. There are many reasons to choose a doctor who performs this procedure. However, in any case, a medical expert should perform the procedure.

Epilation Laser Aisselle Prix

Epilation Laser Aisselle Prix

Efficacy of epilation laser varies depending on the type of laser used, the area treated, and the number of sessions required. Prices listed are indicative and vary according to the medical center and individual practitioners. The timeframe for each session can be up to one hour. This treatment is considered a medical and complementary operation for patients with hirsutisme, folliculite, and ombre under aisselle.


In recent years, the pain epilation laser has made impressive progress. Its use is not limited to the face, however, and can be used on almost any body part. Laser hair removal is not indolore, but can be a great solution to incarnated poils. Pain epilation, however, does not come without stinging, so make sure you know exactly what to expect from the procedure.

Before the procedure, you must make sure to remove all your body hair. A laseriste must use protective eyewear and may apply an anesthetic cream or gel. A 5 millisecond laser shot is emitted along with a jet of cold air that attenuates the light. After the seance, the laseriste will apply a creme or an anesthetic to the affected area. The next session is scheduled for one month.


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